Hello my name is Brenden, I have been in the team for a very long time as the leader, and I am excited to do more Minecraft projects for people to enjoy! My minecraft skill is knowing how to make large command block systems for maps!
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Head Commands
Hello! I am AdamPlays, the head of commands for the team. I've been in the team the second longest. I have made 7 maps on my own and about 20 maps with the team! I enjoy making maps and having a nice laugh with the team!
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Builder and Commands
Hello! I am Fire_Glory_PvP! I have been in the team the longest! I am a builder and I help with commands! I am the Mine 52 Team animator. (I am practicing animating and getting better!) Although I have made only 1 map by myself, I have helped with tons on Mine 52 maps!
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Hey guys, I am Lightning_Jay. I am a builder/designer in the Mine52 Team! I really enjoy building some modern and medival stuff. I've been on the Mine52 Team for near 3-4 weeks and I enjoy it so much. I hope I can get to make amazing maps for you all! :D
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Welp, if you can't tell by the title, my name is Jimmy. I like making Jokes, playing games, and helping out with maps every so often. My favorite game would be a tie between minecraft and undertale. So, now that you've read my bio, why don't you go "ketchup" with everyone else. They're all great people! (Except for that Ddog guy. He's a bit shady. I wouldn't trust him. *wink*)
Privet! I'm icupo3, but people call me "icup" or "cupo" for short. I build things, spurt out ideas, and go with the flow of the team. So far being on the team is great, as we both work and play Minecraft. There's never a dull moment while talking to them. I'm very excited to be on the team, and can't wait to make some fancy maps that probably won't get me any YouTube fame... But hey, at least I can brag to my friends!
Official Tester
Hi, I am OmegaLink and i have been apart of the Mine52team for around 3 months now. I am a tester for the team so i mainly help test the maps to see if there broken or not.
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Builder and Commands
Hello I come by many names but just call me Shiba. I'm a active member when it comes to help making the map. I build, do command blocks & alot of features for maps. When it comes to resourcepacks I make them coming with 2d and 3d Models/Items! I'm well friends with everybody in Mine52 and very communitive. I've been in Mine52 for about 3 Months and I really enjoy it.
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Builder and Designer
Well hello there! You can call me Tiny, I do building and designing for the Mine52 Team. So far I’m the newest member of the team! I love to play build battle and skywars on hypixel, and when I’m not annoying the team I’m designing everything and make stuff look nice. I hope you guys are looking forward to our new maps!
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